Internet Line An Phih Mi An On Than Nain Hman Awk A Tha Lo

Kum khat deng Internet line phih a sinak Rakhine le Chin ram Paletwa cu August ni khat in internet line an pek than cang ko hna nain an pekmi Internet line cu hman awktlak a si lo tiah theih a si.

Tuchan internet line hitluk in a that hnu 5G network hmanh a ngah hnu ah internet line cu a kan pek ko nain E lawng a kai. 2G network lawng a ngah caah hman awk a tha lo tiah Butitaung um mobile dawr ngeitu pakhat nih a chim.

Internet line a kan on piak than a si ko ahcun tha te in kan on piak hna sehlaw kan duh tiah khuami nih an chim.MPT riantuan tu pakhat nih 2G network lawng in on piak ding in cunglei nawlchuah mi a si tiah a chim.

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