Malaysia Ah Chin Mi Telh In Kawlram Mi Nih Bawmhnak An Herh( Video )

Covid-19 ruang ah a tulio cu ramkip nih harnak an ton liopi a si.Cu ve bantuk in Malaysia ram zong Covid-19 ruangah fak ngaiin harnak an tong.A bik in Malaysia ram chung um ramdang mi tampi nih harnak an tong tiah theih a si.

Malaysia cozah nih a ram chungah tlaihkhihnak tibantuk a tuah lengmang chap caah Malaysia ram chungah riantuan i a ummi Kawlram mi tampi harnak an tong tiah theih a si.Cucaa Malaysia ram chung um Kawlram mi nih bawmhnak an herh ngaingai tiah RFA thawngzamhca nih an chim.A tang ah Video in ngaih khawh a si.

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