Spain Laliga Thawk Nak Ding Nithla Aa Fiang Cang.Sevilla Le Real Madrid Puai In An Thawk Lai

Bawlung chuih a zohhuam mi hna caah thawngpang tha pakhat a si.Covid-19 zawtnak ruang ah a tulio cu zeipoah khar dih a si caah bawlung puai zong tuah khawh lo in can zeimawzat a rau cang.Nain a rauh hlan ah Spain Laliga cu an thawk than cang lai tiah theih a si.

Bawlung team pawl an exercise tuah ningcang cungah ai hngate te ko lai.Nain a rauh hlan ah Spain Laliga cu kan thawk than cang lai tiah league President Javier Tebas nih a chim.

Culawng si lo in Spain Laliga cu a ralai mi June thla ni 8 in thawk than a si cang lai tiah Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez zong nih thawngthanhnak a tuah ve cang.

June ni 11 in thawk kan i zuam lai.Kan thawk khawh lo hmanh ah ni 13,14 ahcun kan thawk khawh hrimhrim lai tiah League president Javier Tebas nih a chim.Cun June 11 ah kan thawk khawh ahcun Sevilla le Real Madrid in puai kan thawk hmasa te lai tiah thesky ah a chim.Source:Thesky

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