Vice President H. E. Pu Henry Vanthio hruainak

Vice President H. E. Pu Henry Vanthio hruainak le MEEA (Myanmar Ethnics Enterpreneurs Association) tawlrelnak in Myanmar Ethnics Culture Festival (ေသြးခ်င္းတို့ရဲ့ ပြဲေတာ္ဆီသို့) cu hunghlai taktak in le hlawhtling ngai in kan thawk khawh 01-07 Feb 2020 tiang tuah a si lai.

01 Feb 2020 zing ah H. E. Henry Vanthio he minister pawl nih onnak an tuah i zaanlei 5:30 in 9:00 pm tiang kan pi State counsellor le Vice President nih cozah hruaitu 60 ratpi in Ethnics ram i thil a sining le a lam kip thangchonak lam langhternak tuah a si i kan pi zong a thinlung a cawlcangh ngai te.

Feb 1 in 7 tiang ah mah le ramchung chuak thil le khualtlawng lenvah khawhnak tourism thangcho khawhnak le mah le ca in chuahmi textbook le ca, holh, nunphung le thilpuan, hla tbt. a phung phung i chuah cio a si i Chinmi a chuak khomi kan tlawm i kan langhter mi zong a tlawm ngai caah zaanghlei cawi in i zuam cio hna usih!Credit-Sui Hingz

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